„Scottish Songs“

Joseph Haydn: Trio in C major Hob. XV/21                                                                     
Ludwig van Beethoven: Selection of Scottish Songs                        
Ludwig van Beethoven: Trio in B flat major op. 11, „Gassenhauer-Trio“                               
Joseph Haydn: Selection of Scottish Songs


The arrangement of folk songs take up a surprisingly important place in the work of Joseph Haydn (1732-1809). Between 1792 and 1804, Haydn wrote more than 400 arrangements (for soprano, tenor, violin, piano and cello) of Scottish and Welsh folk songs ordered by three Scottish publishers, William Napier, George Thomson and William Whyte. They are part of the period of Haydn’s late compositions, close in time to the oratorios “The Creation” and “The Seasons”, to the great masses and the last string quartets.

About 180 arrangements of Irish, Welsh and Scottish folk songs by Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1824) have been passed down; publisher was again George Thomson.

Jointly with the Scottish singers Lorna Anderson, soprano, Jamie MacDougall, tenor, and the Haydn Trio Eisenstadt, Verena Stourzh has recorded all 429 folk song arrangements by Haydn and has performed them with great success in many European countries as well as in the United States.

This tradition is being continued by the TrioVanBeethoven again with Lorna Anderson and Jamie MacDougall. The music is accompanied by the comments of the two singers, thus communicating the Scottish flair in a particularly personal and authentic way.
The programme is preferably offered with both singers, but is also optionally possible with one singer.


Lorna Anderson, Sopran
Jamie MacDougall, Tenor